How much proof do we need before we take action?

Coral reefs – world’s most biodiverse ecosystems – are disappearing at an alarming rate! 50% is already lost and 80% of the living corals are threatened. Without intervention, 95% could be gone by 2050. How much prove do we need before we take action?

Our Mission

REEFolution trains and educates local communities to restore and protect coral reefs. Our mission is to leave behind self-resilient community-based coral reef management in the long-run.

50% of all coral REEFS are lost, 80% of living coral REEFS are threatened

Coral reefs are world’s most biodiverse ecosystems on our planet. From turtles to ocean’s gigantic whale species: about 25% of all marine life depends on coral reefs. Also, more than 500 million people earn their income directly, or indirectly from coral reefs. Besides being magnificent and beautiful, coral reefs are also incredibly valuable ecosystems. Their protection is of vital importance to people and planet.

The REEF Ranger Blueprint

Coral reef restoration

Our REEF Rangers actively restore coral reefs using a variety of different science-based methods.

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REEF Rangers

REEFolution offers a 3-month REEF Ranger program which is aimed to provide practical diving and coral restoration skills to local community members.

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Our REEF Rangers collaborate with international scientists aimed to investigate new coral restoration methods.

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Our REEF Rangers visit local primary and secondary schools to provide marine animal ecology classes aimed to increase local awareness.

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