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Ocean conservation

In our commitment to ocean conservation, we as REEFolution believe that embracing technology is a powerful tool for educating the next generation about the critical importance of preserving our oceans. That is why, in 2022, REEFolution began an exciting new partnership with Triton Oceanic Exploration Society (OES) for VR-experience. The VR Experience provides a 360-degree virtual reality underwater experience, creating the sensation of being right at the centre of the underwater scene. Aaron Pilnick and Joseph Henry, the founders of Triton (OES) visited REEFolution Kenya as part of a
project to film underwater virtual reality footage. They joined our REEF rangers during coral reef restoration activities and captured shots of the surrounding natural reefs.

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Through captivating shots of virtual underwater footage, we bring the wonders of our oceans closer to people, many of whom might be witnessing an underwater landscape of coral reefs for the very first time. That is why we use the VR experience as a tool in our outreach awareness programs at primary schools in the wider Shimoni area along the Southern Kenyan coast. These images serve as a bridge to connect people, especially children, to the underwater world and ignite a passion for ocean exploration and conservation. A single image of these reefs can convey more than words or papers ever could. By immersing people in the wonders of coral reefs through virtual reality experiences, we have effectively communicated the threats they face, fostering a deeper understanding of the urgent need to protect these invaluable ecosystems.

The Dutch Flower Foundation has facilitated the first required budget to start the development of the VR-Experience. Currently, the 360 degrees underwater experience is successfully implemented at our awareness outreach program at primary schools in the Shimoni area.

Check out the video Triton OES made!

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