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Thanks to the support and contribution of partners across the globe, our Reef Rangers, scientist, together with the local community, can save and protect coral reefs.

ANBI status

REEFolution has been granted the Public Benefit Organisation (ANBI) status since 2018.

With the ANBI-status, REEFolution does not have to pay tax on the donations we receive. Moreover, donations given to REEFoluiton also become tax-deductible for you as partner.

Our fiscal number (RSIN): 855931383

Explanation of an ANBI-status
The Tax Authority grants ANBI-status to institutions that contribute at least 90% of their efforts to the general benefit. ANBI institutions can include charities or cultural organisations.
ANBI-status comes with tax benefits for Dutch tax-payers who want to make a donation to REEFolution. This applies to periodic donations by individuals and one-time contributions by entities and can hence be deducted from income- or corporate tax.

To keep the recognition as ANBI
REEFolution has to meet a number of requirements in addition to contributing to the general benefit. It is important that the institution does not have a profit motive.

This link will redirect you to the government website which explains more about ANBI.

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