Our mission

Conserve the reef

REEFolution restores and protects coral reefs. Amidst the challenges of our warming planet, our initiatives are led by prominent scientists and carried out by predominantly local community members through our REEF Ranger programs. They engage in reef restoration, community education, and proactive science-based climate change solutions.

Connect with the Sustainable Development Goals

Connecting with the Blueprint

The SDG’s & our blueprint are essential to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all. Reefolution links directly with 6 SDG’s and has a key focus on climate action and life below water. Each pillar of the blueprint is linked to different SDG’s.

With your support we can recover the reef faster, educate more children, do the right research and train more reef rangers.

ways of working with us

1. Become partner

In order to ensure a like-minded association and a mutually beneficial opportunity exists, interested companies should get in contact with us. We can review the right set up that fits the ambitions of both parties.

Check out the movie below for a visit from one of our partners in Kenya.


You can also show your support through crowdfunding, philanthropic contributions, and grants. What could be more effective to raise awareness than collaborating with various networks in different sectors? Assist us through exchanging knowledge and practical strategies with your community and broaden our influence.

3. Support in Kind

Corporate support does not have to be financial. You can provide significant assistance by contributing your time, products, and services, enabling REEFolution to allocate more resources towards the four pillars of the blueprint.

Some of our current partners

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Together, we can rebuild one of the most important ecosystems on earth. Join the REEFolution. Send us a message and we’re happy to receive your help, funding or strategic ideas to grow the REEFolution.

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