From Vibrant to Vulnerable

Coral Reefs under Threat

Coral reefs are not just beautiful to look at but also play a crucial role in maintaining the health of our oceans. However, they are under threat from various stressors, both natural and human. Natural stressors include coral depredation, diseases and storms. Stressors related to humans are much more numerous and include climate change, pollution, coastal development, spread of invasive species, unsustainable fishing and tourism. To illustrate how humans can destroy coral reefs, but also to show how we can turn the tide, we highlight two major threats: the global impacts of climate change and the local burden of unsustainable fishing.

Our mission


REEFolution restores and protects coral reefs. Amidst the challenges of our warming planet, our initiatives are led by prominent scientists and carried out by predominantly local community members through our REEF Ranger programs. They engage in reef restoration, community education, and proactive science-based climate change solutions.

How we take action

The reefolution

reef rangers

REEFolution offers a 3-month REEF Ranger program which is aimed to provide practical diving and coral restoration skills to local community members. 

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reef rangers

coral restoration

Our REEF Rangers actively restore coral reefs using a variety of different science-based methods.

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coral restoration


Our REEF Rangers visit local primary and secondary schools to provide marine animal ecology classes aimed to increase local awareness.

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Our REEF Rangers collaborate with international scientists aimed to investigate new coral restoration methods

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Job of a Lifetime

REEF Ranger

During a three-month period, local residents are being educated, trained and certified. We have built a dedicated team of REEF Rangers. REEF Rangers are essential within the REEFolution blueprint, being the foundation of our other 3 pillars.

More than 25 have successfully completed the REEF Ranger program, of which 17 are currently employed in full time positions.

Regrow the Reef

Coral restoration

We grow and outplant coral species to restore reef sites to a healthy state. Different activities all have a crucial role in the restoration of the reef.

Over 3600 different types of artificial reef structures have been placed.
A variety of different coral restoration structures have been tested and altogether more than 5,000 square meters has been restored.

Harness climate change


Research is at the heart of all we do, with data showcasing the impact of our work. In the face of climate change, REEFolution invests in investigating methods to improve the climate change resilience of coral reefs.

During the past years, our restoration activities have been supported by science, which has led to 5 scientific publications. Currently, our focus has shifted towards the topic of reef resilience against climate change.

Awareness through


We acknowledge that the next generation is the foundation of our future. We have established a program aimed at fostering an understanding of the significance and issues surrounding the marine environment among them.

To leave a long-lasting impact at children from the primary school our Reef Rangers try to create a movement through Educate. Inspire. Act.

Dive in & learn what

you can do

The planet needs a healthy ocean to survive and so do we. REEFolution can’t save coral reefs on its own. Our successes are possible thanks to the generosity of our donors.