Coral restoration partnership

As a pilot study, we have started a secondary coral restoration project in Diani, led by Guido Paap from REEFo Divers. The project is located at Swahili Beach resort in Diani, Kenya. In collaboration with REEFolution Kenya, REEFo Divers conducted a comprehensive assessment of the coral reefs along Diani Beach and determined that coral reef restoration is feasible in the area. Consequently, REEFo divers have deployed six coral depth gradients and established twelve coral tree nurseries, fostering approximately a thousand coral fragments under optimal conditions. REEFo Divers collaborates with local stakeholders and engages community members in the restoration of the coral reefs within the Diani-Chale marine reserve.

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Become a Coral Reef Restoration Diver

Do you want to learn how you can contribute to coral reef restoration? Then become a certified PADI Coral Reef Restoration Diver at REEFo divers! Dive into action by learning how to collect broken coral fragments from the reef, place coral fragments into our specialized nursery structures, and transplant healthy corals to artificial reefs. In just two days, you will master the intricacies of coral reef restoration, from harvesting corals to out-planting full grown fragments onto artificial reefs. You will also gain valuable insights into  maintaining and cleaning the structures where the corals flourish.

This dive course includes three training dives and a theory session lasting about 2.5 hours. If you are interested in doing a PADI coral restoration course, check out their website!

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