Shimoni, Kenya

Construct artificial reefs

REEFolution has an ongoing collaboration project with reefsystems, and together with the local community we have installed the Modular Sealife System (MOSES) as artificial reef. MOSES represents an innovative and sustainable approach to the construction of artificial reefs in oceanic environments. These reef structures serve as vital sanctuaries for marine life, offering a nurturing environment conducive to feeding, shelter, and reproduction.

Read more about the different steps to install these reefs.


Stage 1: Coral Nurseries

Small pieces of living coral (Corals of Opportunity) are gathered and placed on nursery trees. After nurturing them for 5 months, these coral fragments have gained enough strength to be planted out to start forming a new coral reef.

Nursery tree and their visitors

Stage 2: Install artificial reefs

Together with the local community we have installed the Modular Sealife System as artificial reef. The unique modular system enables artificial reef installations without the use of heavy machinery. A lot was learned during the installation process and various improvements for future installations were identified. Only two days after installation the first visitors were already spotted!

Stage 3: Plan out new corals

Corals do not grow on all materials. To find out if the corals would adopt the new structures, various coral fragments were placed on the artificial reefs. We are looking forward to see how the corals will grow and what kind of species will be attracted by the artificial structures.

Transport & installation of artificial structures

Stage 4: Monitor the reefs

For 2 years the structures have been monitored by us. We’re happy to find out that the corals adopted the artificial structures as habitat and are showing healthy growth rates after placement. The monitoring surveys have also shown that the amount of fishes and variety of species in the area has increased compared to the situation prior to the reef installation. Now it is time to upscale this project to restore a larger area!

Stage 5: Set up local product facility

With support of the AFAS Foundation Reefsystems has been able to increase our positive impact with this project. In March, 2023 a local production facility was established to produce an unique modular artificial reefs locally. With our collaboration, Reefsystems started working with the people living in Shimoni, Kenya. Together we can implement the MOSES system to rehabilitate the health of the coral reefs, create a sustainable food system for the community and stimulate ecotourism activities that are profitable for people and planet.

Check out the video (in Dutch) by the Dutch news (NOS) about the reefystems project and REEFolution.

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