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Coral REEF Restoration

Active coral reef restoration involves all of our following activities:

1) coral gardening, 2) artificial reef placement, 3) coral fragment out planting onto artificial reefs, 4)  marine protected area establishment. Each phase plays a crucial role in the process of restoring coral reefs.

REEF Rangers

REEFolution has developed 3-month program for which local community members can apply. During this time period, they learn practical diving skills (PADI Open Water, Advanced Open Water, Coral Reef Restoration Specialty) and receive marine animal ecology classes. If they succeed, they are offered a paid job opportunity at one of our projects. Through intensive community involvement, we enhance long-term social-ecological impact.


REEFolution believes that scientific research provides the basis for preservation, management and restoration of coral reefs. Our scientific research focuses on a few main topics.


To leave a long-lasting impact on local communities, our REEF Rangers develop marine environmental education programs aimed to raise awareness on primary and secondary schools.

Coral for People, People for Coral

Conducted over 50 scientific studies

Placed 800 artificial reef structures

Grows more than 8,000 corals per year

Created dozens of local jobs

REEFolution Foundation

IBAN: NL33 SNSB 0927975866

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