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Is your organization aiming to leave a positive impact? Become an impact maker. Let’s partner up!

The United Nation’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals form a global call for action needed by all countries. Being a socially responsible company has become more important than ever before. Are you interested to support us? Read on!

Examples of partnerships:

The Dutch Flower Foundation has facilitated the first required budget to start the development of the VR-Experience: a 360 degrees underwater experience that will be distributed on primary / secondary schools along the East-African coast. 

Together with Linklaters Amsterdam, we were able to train over 8 REEF Rangers, changing the lives of these REEF Rangers themselves, and many other community members (in)directly.

Each year, the Wageningen University provides a significant part of our research execution on-site. We believe that through science, we will leave a huge impact on both people and planet. 

We believe in the power of impact. Supporting us will enable your organization to directly (or indirectly) support 9 of the UN’s development goals.

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Become an impact maker. Let’s partner up!

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