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Feasibility coral restoration

Started On February 10, 2017

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Feasibility of coral restoration in Kenya (MSc internship)   Start: August, 2015 REEFolution started its first fieldwork by performing a pilot study in Kenya. This study aimed to determine the feasibility of coral restoration in the Shimoni area, South of Kenya. In August 2015,  two master students from Wageningen University (Michelle Marijt & Ewout Knoester) […]

Coral reef restoration

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Culture and transplantation of corals for artificial reef building   Start: April 2016 The pilot study that had been performed from August till December 2015 showed that it is feasible to have a coral reef restoration project in the Shimoni area. The corals that were used (Porites cylindrica, Acropora aff. formosa, Pocillopora aff. verrucosa and hydrozoan […]

Coral predation versus herbivory

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Coral predation vs herbivory (MSc Thesis)   Start: June, 2016 Coral reef restoration is an active act of conservation that requires a substantial investment of resources such as time and manpower. REEFolution is continuously looking for ways to improve coral growth and survival to make their restoration activities more cost-efficient. At numerous coral reef restoration […]


People for coral, coral for people