REEFolution Kenya Research facility

Started on March 29, 2017

Category: Education, Research

REEFolution Kenya has been developing since 2015. Work in the area has been done through field experiments on coral nursing structures and bottle reefs. To this point, we have been very successful growing coral fragments and thus it is possible for us to expand our activities in the area.

Therefore REEFolution is planning to buy and furnish a small building that can function as a local research facility. This building will facilitate;

  • A Laboratory that can be used for extended research such as on the growth of slow growing corals under controlled conditions.
  • An Education centre from which workshops can be organised for the local community, volunteers and tourists. This will give us the opportunity to raise awareness about the importance of corals for the marine ecosystem.
  • An Official office for REEFolution Kenya from where we can meet with other organisations to protect and rehabilitate coral reefs.

You can support this initiative and our other work by donating to our organisation.

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