REEFolution Kenya Research facility

Started On March 29, 2017

Category: Education, Research

REEFolution Kenya has been developing since 2015. Work in the area has been done through field experiments on coral nursing structures and bottle reefs. To this point, we have been very successful growing coral fragments and thus it is possible for us to expand our activities in the area. Therefore REEFolution is planning to buy […]

Coral restoration trees

Started On February 10, 2017

Category: Coral Nurseries

To restore degraded coral reefs and create additional ‘artificial’ coral reefs, corals are planted in the area of interest. But where do these corals come from?   A coral is a colony of many little identical coral polyps that work together to form a great underwater structure. Due to storms, animals or humans, branches of […]

Bottle reef units

Started On

Category: Coral Placement

Corals need hard substrate to attach themselves and form a coral reef. For the creation of additional coral reefs, it is therefore important that there is hard substrate available   A solution for this is the creation of Bottle reefs. These structures are made of glass bottles that are attached by cement. Not only does […]


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